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Transport Troubles

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Port-Rail Shuttle

The Andrews Government has shelved the Port-Rail Shuttle project, which would see up to 3500 trucks removed from our local streets every day for just $58 million dollars in rail investment from the government. Sign this petition to tell them to stop delaying and get on with it!

The Port-Rail Shuttle project would create a rail connection between the Port of Melbourne to three inland ports at Somerton in the north, Altona in the west, and Lyndhurst to the south-east of Melbourne.

The benefits of this rail connection would be that it would:

  • reduce the average number of trucks entering and exiting the Port each day by up to 48%
  • reduce diesel use and carbon emissions by up to 17%
  • reduce the cost of delivery off-port by 20%
  • and increase the port capacity by 65%.

Given all these benefits, it is absolutely outrageous that the Andrews Government has put this rail project on ice. Join me in calling on the government to urgently proceed with the port-rail shuttle project! 

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Yarraville Level Crossing - Make it Safe!

Fix the Altona Loop

Duplicate Altona Loop

Enough is enough. For years the government has neglected of the public transport needs of Altona and Seaholme residents, with trains regularly skipping the loop and timetable nightmares, including no direct trains to the city outside peak hour.

The Government has now also broken its promise to introduce a new timetable once the Regional Rail Link was complete. This is on top of the lack of commitment to the much needed duplication of the Altona Loop train line.

No wonder patronage of the Altona Loop has dropped so much in recent years.

Please sign and share this petition to the Minister for Public Transport, Jacinta Allan.

Western Distributor

Fast Food - Honest Menus

Tell Daniel Andrews to get serious about obesity and honest labelling at fast food chains in Victoria.

We all want to eat healthier and to know that young people will also have the information to make healthy choices. But in Victoria fast food chains are not required to provide information about the calories and nutritional content of the meals they serve.

And it’s not just McDonald’s and KFC that we’re talking about here. It’s also food outlets like Subway, Boost Juice, Brumbies and Nando’s which market their menus as being a healthier alternative. They all have the capacity to provide nutritional information about their meals or products, and in many other states they are required by law to do so.

Sign the petition below and share with your friends so they can join you in taking action for a healthier Victoria.