Greens Drinks


Join your local friendly Greens for a casual drink and a chat on your Friday night as we weave our way along the 2014 election trail. 

You'll get a chance to meet and chat with Greens MP for the Western Suburbs Colleen Hartland, as well as other local candidates. 

The Greenhouse is a great events space. It is the new Greens West 2014 election campaign headquarters. Come check it out and enjoy a drink and snack. 

Greens Drinks will be on the first Friday of every month through until the Election on November 29. August 1st. September 5th. October 3rd. November 7th. 

August 01, 2014 at 6pm - 9pm
Miriam Dowd Simon Crawford Wayne Townsend Hamish Christie Anne O'Connor David Hill Claire Calcutt Andrea Main Monique Grech Christie Reeves Duzali Kocamis Andrew Kelly Melissa Lowrie Deaf Victoria Albie Mullner Michelle Parenzon - Mach R Redman Cathy McDonald Abraham Polatkesen John Chadderton Kay Bloxom Alex Schlotzer Mary O'Connor Andrew Merlot Sarah Stephen Rowan Moorey Monica Forson Marie-Anne Cooper Clare O'Hanlon Kitt Irena Greg Ferrington Kristy Collins Bro Sheffield-Brotherton Greg Denham Nicole Rowan Wattie Watson Craig Ingrey Penny De Alisha Begbie Becks Temple Naomi Snell Colleen Hartland Helen Welch

Will you come?