Fix the Altona Loop

Duplicate Altona Loop

Enough is enough. For years the government has neglected of the public transport needs of Altona and Seaholme residents, with trains regularly skipping the loop and timetable nightmares, including no direct trains to the city outside peak hour.

The Government has now also broken its promise to introduce a new timetable once the Regional Rail Link was complete. This is on top of the lack of commitment to the much needed duplication of the Altona Loop train line.

No wonder patronage of the Altona Loop has dropped so much in recent years.

Please sign and share this petition to the Minister for Public Transport, Jacinta Allan.

Dear Minister,

The residents of the Altona loop train service have endured poor services for long enough. It is now amongst the worst performing of all of Melbourne's lines due to trains regularly bypassing the loop and poor timetabling.

The service to the Altona loop is currently so poor that many have given up even trying to use the trains. Instead they drive or cycle to other stations.

As a matter of urgency, please:

  • Implement the new train timetable, and ensure it includes regular, direct services to the city all day, not just in peak hour.
  • End the regular skipping of the Altona Loop to meet timetable demands along the Werribee line.
  • Undertake a feasibility study to duplicate the Altona Loop rail line.

Minister, please end the neglect and meet the public transport needs of one the fastest growing regions in Victoria.

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