Catapult into 2015


Let's make the change we've been working for. Catapult into 2015 with a get-together and a special guest speaker. Help set our direction for the year.

Come along with your ideas, your passion and together we’ll map out a path to continued success in the West.

Danae BoslerThe discussion and workshop will be facilitated by Naomi Blackburn, Melbourne Campaigners Network co-convenor and Director of Power in Numbers.

Our Special Guest Speaker is Danae Bosler. Here's a little bit about her:

Danae is a campaigner, trainer and community organiser from Richmond. Last year she managed the (very successful!) Public Transport Not Traffic campaign, which was a coalition of community groups from across Melbourne opposed to the East West Link. With a background in the union and environment movements, Danae has also worked as a regional organiser for the 100% Renewable community campaign and has been a presenter for Al Gore's program, The Climate Project. She has postgraduate qualifications in social movement theory and international community development from Victoria University.

Whether it's upgrading Footscray Hospital, creating job opportunities for those struggling to find work, building better public transport or just creating healthy, smart and liveable communities - we'll be doing it in 2015.

February 05, 2015 at 7pm - 9pm
Rohan Waring Goopy Parke Jay Chamings Carolyn Lloyd Kate Blaszak Peter Mason Phillip Budzienny Tony Wright Albie Mullner Christine Simpson Sam Long Derek Campbell Susan Miller Rachel Dann Margaret O'Loughlin David Dawson Ordan Andreevski emran shozeeb Keryn Robinson Helen Fitzgerald Kodric John David Hill James Robertson Ali Mohamed David Palmer Redmond Hamlett Kristy Collins Emily Blackburn Robyn Bourchier Clare Mitchell Emma Byrne Neil Tolliday Rosie Collins Elwyn Davies Huong Truong Ross Dufty Mary O'Neil Bev Cowan Bro Sheffield-Brotherton Marion Weller Janet Shelley

Will you come?