About Colleen Hartland - Greens MP for the Western Suburbs

Hello, I’m Colleen Hartland, your local Greens MP.

I’ve lived in the Western Suburbs for 30 years and I wouldn’t want to live anywhere else.

Since taking on the Coode Island chemical threat in the 1990’s, I’ve been a strong voice for the West, independent of the same old politics and neglect of Labor and Liberal.

While they fight among themselves, I stand up for what matters.

As your local Greens MP, I’ve been working with the community for 8 years now. Together we’ve achieved a lot, but there’s a long way to go.

The gap between rich and poor is growing and many people in the West are out of work. I want to tackle growing social inequality and create jobs by investing in TAFE education, renewable energy and generating new employment opportunities.

As global warming threatens our health and wellbeing, I want Victoria to become a clean energy leader. The Greens will re-instate the Victorian Renewble Energy Target to provide investment certainty, create jobs and tackle dangerous climate change.

Instead of wasting billions of dollars on a dirty toll road, I want to cut traffic congestion and reduce overcrowding. That means more trains, new trams, tram line extensions and better cycling infrastructure.

The Greens stand for quality health care for all, regardless of income, and hospital funding based on need, not politics. I believe in greater investment in keeping people healthy, as we all know that prevention is better than cure.

I'll fight for more open space, street trees, parks and sporting grounds in the west, so we can all be happier and healthier.

If you want a healthy, smart and liveable Western Suburbs, vote for it, Vote 1 Greens.