Dying with Dignity

What's the issue?

People suffering with a terminal illness should have the freedom to choose a dignified and peaceful death which is consistent with their own values and beliefs.

However, under Victoria’s current laws, people are often forced to suffer needlessly and against their wishes.

Dying with dignity is about giving the ultimate choice to dying people, who deserve to have control over how they manage their suffering when they are nearing the end of their lives.

Most Australians believe people who are terminally and chronically ill with an advanced, incurable disease and who are in intolerable pain and suffering have the right to end their lives on their own terms and express high levels of support for dying with dignity laws.

The Greens plan to legalise assisted dying, also known as voluntary euthanasia, will mean the last chapter of life can be spent focusing on spending time with loved ones, secure in the knowledge that if and when it is needed, assistance with a peaceful death will be honoured.

What are the Greens doing about it?

Across Australia, the Greens have led efforts to introduce legilslation into state and federal parliament to legalise physician assisted dying, also known as voluntary euthanasia. 

Thanks to consistent pressure from Greens MP Colleen Hartland, the issue of assisted dying came to a head in the Victorian Parliament in 2015. Colleen's motion in parlimanet led to the matter being referrred to a parliamentary committee and the Inquiry into End of Life Choices.

The End of Life Choices Inquiry submitted its report on 9 June 2016 following extensive consultation with the community, as well as medical, legal and other experts. The report recommended that the Victorian Parliament pass laws to allow for assisted dying. The full report is available on the Parliament of Victoria website.

This groundbreaking report is expected to be a trigger for legislative reform in Victoria, and the Greens will continue its campaign in the parliament until dying with dignity becomes law.

What can I do to help?

We are on the final stretch of our campaign in Victoria. Now that the End of Life Choices Inquiry has recommended law reform, we just need to get the majority of parliament on board to ensure Dying with Dignity laws are passed.

Please sign your name on the petition to tell Members of the Victorian Parliament to pass assisted dying laws.

Thank you so much to everyone who has already supported our campaign by making a submission to the End of Life Choices Inquiry. Your testimony is invaluable, and has gone a long way towards helping our efforts to legalise assisted dying.

Please sign up for email updates on our Dying with Dignity campaign so we can keep you in the loop when there are developments on the issue, and so we can let you know about ways you can help the campaign.

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