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Dying With Dignity - Voluntary Euthanasia - Assisted Dying

No one should be forced to suffer needlessly in the final days of their life.

We know most Victorians, across the whole political spectrum, want the choice of a peaceful and dignified death if faced with a terminal or incurable illness and unbearable pain.

As the End of Life Choices Inquiry exposed, due to the lack of assisted dying laws (also known as voluntary euthanasia) many people have felt they have no other option but to take their own life, often in horrific circumstances.

The Greens are passionate about Dying with Dignity laws, but we need the majority of parliament on board to make this happen.

Sign the petition to tell Members of the Victorian Parliament that it’s time – bring in Dying with Dignity laws!

Dear Members of the Victorian Parliament,

People with a terminal or incurable illness and in unbearable pain should not be forced to suffer.

This last chapter in life should be spent with family, secure in the knowledge that if and when it is needed, assistance with a peaceful, pain-free death will be honoured.

The overwhelming majority of Victorians want Dying with Dignity laws, and the End of Life Choices Inquiry has provided detailed recommendations about how our laws should be reformed.

It’s now time for the parliament to take on this important issue and give the community what it wants by legalising assisted dying.

Not only would these laws relieve a huge amount of suffering, they would also bring peace of mind to people who are dying and their families, knowing that they can enjoy their precious last days together in peace.

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