Fast Food - Honest Menus

Tell Daniel Andrews to get serious about obesity and honest labelling at fast food chains in Victoria.

We all want to eat healthier and to know that young people will also have the information to make healthy choices. But in Victoria fast food chains are not required to provide information about the calories and nutritional content of the meals they serve.

And it’s not just McDonald’s and KFC that we’re talking about here. It’s also food outlets like Subway, Boost Juice, Brumbies and Nando’s which market their menus as being a healthier alternative. They all have the capacity to provide nutritional information about their meals or products, and in many other states they are required by law to do so.

Sign the petition below and share with your friends so they can join you in taking action for a healthier Victoria.

Dear Premier Andrews,

The leading cause of death and disability in Australia is now poor diet. People are confused about the healthiness of food, and honest labelling would empower them to make healthier choices.

Food chains in SA, NSW, and the ACT are required to display the kilojoule content of the food they sell. Supermarkets have to provide kilojoule labelling on food, why shouldn't chain fast food stores?

I strongly urge you to support a healthier Victoria and back the Greens proposal and require food chains with 20 Victorian outlets or 50 nationally to provide honest menus and food labelling.

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