Fix Footscray Hospital - Petition

Footscray Hospital is Falling Apart

Footscray Hospital wards are already closing due to neglect - Please sign the petition for the critical redevelopment and expansion our hospital desperately needs!

The people of the West deserve quality health care and hospitals, like the rest of Melbourne. Unfortunately, successive Labor and Liberal Governments seem to think its OK to ignore us and our aging facilities. Too often the people of the Western Suburbs miss out on critical funding.

Well, enough is enough! It's time to end the neglect - sign and share the petition to save Footscray Hospital and tell the Labor Government that they can't get away with it - we expect them to deliver!

Dear Premier Dan Andrews,

Footscray Hospital's emergency and inpatient wards are aged, decrepit and in desperate need of replacement.

In the South Block, at least 60 beds and 3 wards have closed as the conditions have got so bad. In the remaining areas, whole wards of 24 people are expected to share two communal toilets, the floors are cracking from concrete cancer, the conditions are cramped and there is a complete lack of privacy.

The Emergency Department is no better. The cubicles are tiny, with little or no privacy, and there is almost no space for modern medical equipment and hygiene facilities. Wait times are also blowing out. The the time for transfer into ward care or to be discharged is the second worst in Australia due to the shortage of beds from ward closures, and from inadequate facilities.

This poor performance is putting people's health at risk. Nurses, doctors, support staff and paramedics do fantastic work, but there is only so much they can do. 

This hospital desperately needs to be redeveloped as soon as possible. Western Health estimates that if the government delays this any further, it will cost tens of millions of dollars in works to prop up facilities that will need to be demolished and rebuilt.

It's time to end the neglect of the West. Everyone deserves quality healthcare, no matter what their postcode.

This budget, save Footscray Hospital by funding the redevelopment and expansion of the Emergency Department and Inpatients Precinct.


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