Parks not Toll Roads


The Greens are the only Party that can be trusted to stop the East West tollroad and protect parks and open space. 

Parks such as Debney's Park, Travancore Park, Essendon Community Gardens, Ormond Park and Moonee Ponds Creek are treasured by the local community, yet are all set to be degraded or destroyed by the East West tollroad.

The Greens are taking a stand and have announced that we are committed to tightening laws to protect these and other parks for community use. 

We're taking our message to the local community in Flemington - people who are set to be heavily impacted by the East West tollroad - and who will be very pleased to hear about the Greens plan.  

Will you join us?

September 28, 2014 at 2pm - 5pm
Colleen Hartland Elliott Westbury Ashley Waite Darren McClelland Ryan Mitchell Becks Temple Clare O'Hanlon Dorothy Howes Russell Smith

Will you come?