Port Rail Shuttle

After the Andrews Labor Government shelved the Port Rail Shuttle project, the Greens started a campaign for this crucial rail link to be built.

The Port Rail Shuttle could see 3500 trucks removed from our local streets every day for just $58 million dollars in rail investment from the government.

It would create a rail connection between the Port of Melbourne to three distribution hubs at Somerton in the north, Altona in the west, and Lyndhurst to the south-east of Melbourne.

The benefits of this rail connection would be that it could:

  • reduce the average number of trucks entering and exiting the Port each day by up to 48%
  • reduce diesel use and carbon emissions by up to 17%
  • reduce the cost of delivery off-port by 20%
  • increase the port capacity by 65%

Finally, in August 2017 the Andrews Labor Government agreed to go ahead with the project following sustained pressure from the community together with Colleen Hartland in parliament.

Our campaign saw hundreds of locals sign on to our petition, which we promoted through our website, posters, postcards and community meetings.

Colleen Hartland was relentless in the Victorian Parliament, calling for the Port Rail Shuttle to be built and questioning the minister as to why the government had put the project on ice.

Although the government has announced it will built the Port Rail Shuttle, the Greens will continue to keep a close eye on the project to ensure it is built in a timely manner with the community’s interests at the forefront.