Save TAFE in the West

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Report Launched: Save TAFE in the West: a case for reinstating funding and abolishing the market contestability model.

Survey results show students suffering from TAFE cuts 

PR Stunt Won't Help TAFE in the West

Our well respected public TAFE has been built up over decades with taxpayer's money and provides affordable and accessible training for all. TAFE has educated hundreds of thousands of Victorians.

The Greens support a well funded quality public TAFE system - find out more and sign up here.

TAFE is under attack. Chronic under-funding from Labor and Liberal governments has made Victoria's TAFE system the lowest funded TAFE system in Australia.

In the West, Victoria University will suffer from job cuts, programs reduced, increased fees and entire courses cut.

Around 50% of Victoria University's TAFE students are on low incomes, so changes to funding will especially affect them. Some students may not be able to continue their studies and gain a qualification.

Click here for more information on the impact of cuts at Victoria University and the Western Suburbs.

Don't let our public TAFE system be devastated. Tell the Government to reverse the funding cuts and support a quality public TAFE system.

Dear Premier,

I support a well-funded, quality public TAFE system.

Cuts to TAFE from the two previous governments have slashed courses, cost jobs and put TAFE out of reach for too many people.

TAFE has been built up over decades with taxpayer's money and is there to provide affordable and accessible training for all.

Victoria University is the biggest provider of education in the western suburbs. Recent cuts took $32 million from VU which is unacceptable.

It should not be an uphill battle for people in the west to get an education.

Premier, don’t decimate our TAFE system. Please reverse the funding cuts, end the privatisation of education funding and support a quality public TAFE system, including in the Western Suburbs where it is greatly needed.

Yours sincerely,



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