Scrutineer Training - Westies


It’s 5.45pm on 29 November, it’s nearly all over, right? Not for a dedicated team of volunteers who will be scrutineers who'll be overseeing the count of Colleen's vote in the week following the election. It's going to be close and every vote counts. Scrutineers ensure the Green votes cast are going on the right pile.

This training will:

  • give you an introduction to scrutineering
  • tell you on what to look for
  • provide tips on dealing with the expected and unexpected
  • give you a practice run


If you need training or a refresher on what it's like handing out HTV cards, make sure you come down earlier for the HTV card training session!

November 25, 2014 at 7:30pm - 8:30pm
vivienne schwab Jessica Wescott Hamish Taylor Rob Tobin Bernadette Thomas Liz Ingham Derek Campbell

Will you come?