Show me the Money 2014 survey results

Thank you to everyone who took part in the 'Show me the Money' 2014 budget survey.

The results are in! See below.

My team are stepping up the pressure to ensure your priorities are in the public spotlight in the lead up to the 2014 Budget and throughout this important election year. Sign up here to be part of it.



What else would you like to see in the 2014 budget? (some examples):

  • reinstating the $66 million cuts to firefighting services,
  • investing in our Ambos
  • increasing public and social housing
  • moving freight off trucks and onto rail to get trucks off our residential streets
  • local healthy food production
  • incentives for water tanks across Melbourne
  • funding for public TAFE colleges
  • more frequent bus services in the suburbs, especially on weekends
  • funding for Victorian wind farms and return of the solar rebate
  • no public funding for Formula One Grand Prix
  • maintenance of roads
  • support for the Arts
  • support for people with disabilities
  • and many more...