VU Community Forum "The Issue"


Recent events in Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane involving intense scrutiny of the Australian Islamic community have seen tensions dramatically on the rise.

Victoria University Greens group is hosting a community forum with the theme being: 'Terror, policing, ASIO, Islam and the Community.'

The Western Suburbs is the most diverse region in Melbourne. It is vital that the community is engaged and informed. We celebrate our diversity, stand up to racism, and want to create a community that is safe for everyone.

1. Nail Aykan - Islamic Council of Victoria General Manager.
2. Pamela Curr - Asylum Seeker Resource Centre Campaign Coordinator.
3. Mohammad Ali Baqiri - Human Rights Activist and Nauru Detainee.
4. Reem Hakem - Cultural Sensitivity Educator.

MC: Colleen Hartland MP

Free event. Please RSVP below.

November 13, 2014 at 6pm - 9pm

Will you come?